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Different Types of Orlando Restaurants You’ll Find In Winter Park, FL

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We’ve all been there before. Debating with our friends and family on where we all want to eat brunch, lunch or dinner. Nobody cares, they say, but everybody has an opinion about the Orlando restaurants people mention.

One of the roadblocks often seems to be running out of ideas or getting people on the same page about what kind of food or restaurant they want to visit here in Winter Park, FL. Today, we hope to make that decision a little easier. We’ll break down the different types of Orlando restaurants you’ll find here in Winter Park and beyond.

We, of course, hope you choose to visit Dexter’s New Standard more often than not because we have a full and wide-ranging menu with great food for every taste (not to mention drinks and excellent restaurant entertainment). However, we also understand you can’t eat at Dexter’s for every single meal (well, maybe). So read on and learn the essentials of each type of restaurant out there!

  1. Fine Dining

We’ll start with the fanciest kinds of Orlando restaurants and work our way down. Fining dining is often reserved for the most special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays or wedding rehearsal dinners. That’s because they generally have higher costs and stricter attire requirements. We’ve outlined a few highlights often associated with fine dining restaurants.


  • Dining etiquette
  • Formal dress code
  • High-end decor
  • Formal atmosphere
  • High costs
  1. Casual Dining

These remain the most common type of restaurant in Orlando and throughout the United States and for good reason. Casual dining restaurants can vary greatly, but for the most part, they appeal to the widest group of people with affordable prices and table service. Dexter’s New Standard is a great example of casual dining, but the freedom to dress it up when you need it.


  • Moderately priced
  • Table service
  • Low-key atmosphere
  • Unique decor
  1. Contemporary Casual

This is a popular style of restaurant in recent times (hence the “contemporary”). These eateries have a modern feel and distinct brand, often targeting a more youthful, progressive customer base. Think vegan options and unique twists on old classics.


  • Modern, trendy atmosphere
  • Moderately priced
  • Emphasis on visual appeal
  • Strong Social Media presence
  • Unique twists to popular entrées
  1. Family Style

These restaurants cater to large groups of people, generally families, and mix decor to appeal to adults and children alike. They tend to be far less formal and feature basic menus and dishes.


  • Sharable platters
  • Table service
  • Causal atmosphere
  • Decor appealing to parents and kids
  • Family-friendly prices
  1. Fast Casual

If you want to get food quickly, but don’t want to settle for a chain burger join, fast-casual restaurants are the way to go for you. They cater to people looking for a healthier option than fast food, yet, who don’t want to sit down in a traditional way.


  • Quality food
  • Counter service
  • Quick turnaround
  • Moderately priced
  • Casual environment
  1. Fast Food

Everyone has experienced fast food in their life. We may not always be proud of it, but sometimes it’s just the only way to go. Fast food is just that — fast! You don’t wait long, you can even drive up and get your food. Just don’t expect high quality.


  • Low-quality, unhealthy food
  • Quick service
  • Chain-style meals
  • Cheap prices
  • Counter and drive-up service
  1. Cafe

Cafes tend to work best for quick snacks and bite-sized portions as opposed to full-blown meals. Grabbing a quick cup of coffee and a bagel is great in a pinch or if your lunch break is cut short by a hectic schedule.


  • Usually serve coffee, tea and pastries
  • Best for quick drinks and snacks
  • Cheap prices
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  1. Buffet

Why stay limited to one thing on a menu? Buffets toss that notion out of the window and allow you to pick and choose what you want and how many times you want it. Buffets might offer the best food in terms of quality, but where else can you get dinner and dessert on the same plate?!


  • A fixed price for a selection of food
  • Food served from buffet bars
  • Feature multiple types of cuisine
  • Casual decor
  1. Food Trucks and Concession Stands

Perhaps the most popular trend in “restaurants” today is food trucks. Food trucks are mobile and go to their customers. This is common at breweries of festivals or near late-night bars. Food trucks are typically individually owned and specialize in a particular type of cuisine.


  • Offer specific type of cuisine
  • Moderately priced
  • Travel to the customers
  • Found in outdoor areas
  1. Pop-Up Restaurant

Pop-up restaurants are a unique trend in the industry because of the way they allow owners, chefs and guests to experiment with concepts and creations. They can show up at beer gardens for the summer or less. The idea is they’re temporary and move around.


  • Operate at temporary locations
  • A creative, contemporary concept
  • May include counter service or table service
  • Low-to-moderate prices
  1. Ghost Restaurant

These types of restaurants aren’t nearly as spooky as they sound. The term “ghost” simply refers to the fact that they are virtual or delivery-only restaurants. So, they don’t feature and actual location a customer would visit. This keeps their costs lower and allows customers to get food delivered to them beyond the traditional pizza of Chinese.


  • Delivery only
  • No brick-and-mortar location
  • Strong website, online presence
  • Moderately priced

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Dexter’s New Standard has routinely been one of the top restaurants in Orlando for more than 35 years and we will continue to be for many more decades to come! Our Winter Park restaurant provides you with a complete dining experience, from gourmet food to excellent wine and unrivaled restaurant entertainment.

When you’re at Dexter’s New Standard, you’re one of us. Part of the family. Excellent customer service and ambiance enhance both the flavor of your food and the quality of your experience with us. Stop by and see what Dexter’s New Standard is all about for yourself, contact us to learn more or schedule a reservation with us online today!